What I have accomplished in 2014..

Nothing. Yup that’s right if you knew me before and you look at me now you will think “you did not do crap this year”. The cold hard truth is this year I have grown more mentally than ever before. Most will say that’s from my age and I agree. This year I found out who my friends were and that I only have one real friend after the year ends (besides hubby), also that trust is not something just given but it needs to be earned. My husband and I were married in the middle of some troubling times that we just now seem to be able to climb out of. I have learned so much not only about myself also about the people around me. One thing I won’t forget about 2014 ” people will do whatever they have to in order to survive”.I end this year in a sad note from the terrible year I have had, also a sigh of relief for the lessons i have learned to never let it happen agian. I know the new year will bring many great things not only because I start a new job, and am finishing my degree but also the new baby expected in may!!